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Workplace Personality Assessments

Understanding a person's personality traits provides valuable insight into how they approach their work and whether their strengths may become their derailers.

Psychometric & Aptitude Assessments

Our suite of psychometric tests and assessment tools can be used throughout business, sport and education to help your people achieve their true potential.

About us

For more than 40 years Thomas International has been a global provider of assessment tools & services that help businesses Recruit, Retain, Develop & Manage their people. The journey has started in 1980 in UK by establishing the HQ and introducing the 1st tool in 1981.

Thomas is different because our assessments are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with rapid results. Our client service teams will train you, advise you and provide practical assistance. Their aim is to empower you to use people assessments to create maximum value for your organization.

Our user-friendly online system enables you to apply and use these business tools. Our consultants generally come from either a business or HR background so are able to provide you with a true consultancy service.

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Assessment & Reports

  • Psychologically proven results you can trust, backed up by over 38 years of experience and research
  • Easy-to-use online platform giving you a wealth of mind-blowing insights about your people
  • In-depth range of solutions to help you and your people

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Personal Profile Analysis

Gain an insight into how your people behave.

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Employment Engage Survey

Give your organization a health check

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Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Unlocking emotional intelligence at workplace

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High Potential Trait Indicator

Identify, manage and develop leadership potential at work

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General Intelligence Assessment

Understanding the mental horsepower of your people

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360 Degree Feedback Assessment

Identify development opportunities and performance gaps

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